Why You Should Hire a Buyer Agent


If you are interested in purchasing a home or investment property, whether it’s your first home or your tenth, you may have some questions and feel unsure of how to begin. A buyer agent will set up your home search for you and be there from start to finish. They are there to guide you, give you their professional opinion, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.



Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a buyer agent:

1)   It’s Free 

As a buyer you can hire a professional salesperson to assist you in the home buying process for NO cost to you!


2)   Experienced in Viewing Homes

REALTOR’s view homes on a daily basis, so they can spot the good qualities of a home and the red flags you need to be careful for. Unfortunately, many issues do arise in houses, despite the age or physical beauty of a property. A buyer agent can help identify potential issues that will save you time and money in the long run that you may not be aware of.


3)   An Understanding of the Local Real Estate Market

 Understanding the local real estate market is by far one of the most important reasons to hire a buyer agent as they will know the market comparables in your area. When you are putting an offer on a house it can be detrimental not knowing what the other homes in that area are worth, as you don’t want to put in an offer too low or too high.


4)   Help in Evaluating and Securing Financing

 There are many different financing options available, your buyer agent can refer you to a great mortgage contact to get your pre approval done.  Using a recommended mortgage broker can help ensure you receive the best rate and plan for your needs to get you approved the fastest.


5)   Coordinating Showings

 Having a professional real estate agent view homes with you is to your advantage.  They have the experience to notice things that you may not. In a busy sellers market time is of the essence and having a realtor coordinate showings in a timely fashion is imperative especially if you are dealing with multiple offers. A buyer agent will coordinate all showings for you and map out the distance and travel time each property in your home viewing search will require.


6) They Know You

 Your buyer agent knows your needs, wants, and dislikes, having them on your side will only serve you better. If you do not have your own buyer agent and are seeing multiple properties, you may be shown homes by multiple agents. This can make the process much more confusing and your source of information may be more bias and not in your favour.  The listing agents are representing the sellers, not you!


7)   Writing Real Estate Contracts

 Real estate contracts are full of contingencies, deadlines, and other important information that needs to be determined in an offer. Having a professional salesperson write your offer and include the necessary conditions to protect you is vital. A contract that is poorly written, has missing information, or has mistakes can be the reason why an offer is rejected.


8)   Access to Experienced Professionals

 Purchasing a property can require a number of professionals to assist you in the home purchase. Knowing the best and most trusted professionals locally is an asset that your buyer agent can provide (IE. mortgage broker, lawyer, plumber, home inspector, electrician, roofer etc).


9)   Your Negotiator

 Having a buyer agent allows a professional to make the negotiations for you.  This is extremely important in order to move forward with the best offer price, conditions and to be able to compete if there are multiple offers. A professional REALTOR knows how to best handle these tricky situations.


10) Emotional Filter

 Buying a home is an emotional process which can lead to stress between buyers, especially if one or all buyers are emotionally attached to the home. A buyer agent can help filter through the emotions and help you stay on track with your wants, needs, and dislikes to weigh the pros and cons of each potential purchase.

This is one of the biggest purchases of your life, it is best to have a loyal professional on your side to make the home buying process a smooth transition. Let us help you find your perfect home, we can’t wait!

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