Your home is the largest financial asset and deciding to sell is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. Having an experienced real estate professional that you can trust on your team will make your sale a successful one, not to mention that it can eliminate a significant portion of the stress and anxiety that goes along with this sort of transaction. The Ritchie Team are motivated professionals, up to date on new technology and ready to exceed your expectations.

Here are just a few things that are important and will help ensure your listings get maximum results.


  • The first step is to present a detailed comparative market analysis. They will look at the Ottawa Market and trends in the local economy.
  • From here they will focus on your neighbourhood and research all recent sales including current listings, cancelled, sold and expired.
  • With this information the Ritchie Team will closely analyze this information to determine a marketable price for your home.


  • Once a home is listed buyers will be comparing its price with every other home currently on the market.
  • Your best pricing guide is to have a record of what buyers have been willing to pay in the past few months for properties comparable to yours in the area.
  • The Ritchie Team will provide a thorough comparative market analysis in order for you to make a well informed decision on pricing your home.


  • Having your home professionally staged and ready to sell is crucial to attain the maximum value for your home.
  • The Ritchie Team provides a professional stager that will make your home look its best and ensure it stands out from your competition.
  • The stager will provide you with a checklist of things to complete prior to listing.
  • The Ritchie Team provides staging supplies such as greenery, art work, staging towels, lighting, small furniture items in order to appeal to a larger demographic of buyers.


  • Professional photos are extremely important to attract the buyers online.
  • You are provided with a professional photographer and virtual tour that will showcase your home and accent the highlights.


  1. Clean clean clean: Getting your home to look and smell amazing will make a lasting impression.
  2. Depersonalize: Buyers can’t see past personal artifacts therefore packing up personal photos allows for the buyer to en-vision themselves living there.
  3. De-clutter: This allows for a buyer to see their own things in the home and is therefore less distracting to the eye.
  4. Maximize curb appeal: The outside should draw people inside. This can involve keeping the lawn trimmed, shrubs and bushes manicured, freshly painted front door, interlock and a nice bright planter to break up the concrete color.
  5. Let there be light: Lighting plays a vital role and is often overlooked when getting a home ready for sale.
  6. Choose neutral colour pallet: A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Going with light neutral colors and using artwork and throw pillows as accents looks great for staging.
  7. Make minor repairs: Making minor repairs makes the buyer feel comfortable that there aren’t any hidden issues.
  8. Kitchen and bathrooms are the best place to invest: The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. An upgraded attractive kitchen can increase the value of your home up to 10%. One of the fist things that women look at in a home besides the kitchen is the bathroom. Upgrading the fixtures, vanity, mirror and cabinets are all simple changes that will make a good impression to buyers.
  9. Remove/Replace favorite items: If there are any items in your home that hold special meaning ie. Light fixture remove it prior to listing and replace it.
  10. Choose an Agent you can trust: Working with a Real Estate Agent that you can trust can be hard to come by. The Ritchie Team pride themselves on always looking out for their clients best interests and ultimately getting their clients the best price for their home.

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