More Minto Development is Coming to Kanata North!


Morgan’s Creek began its first launch at the end of March, with its first release of Infusion Terrace Homes, otherwise known as, stacked town homes. Mintos’ Morgan’s Creek, runs alongside Shirley’s Brook, where Minto is working with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and the city to preserve the creek as a natural habitat. With that being said, Morgan’s Creek is the ideal community for any new home buyer looking for a peaceful neighbourhood, while wanting to be close to many amenities like the established Kanata North area.

It comes to no surprise that Jan Coulis, Minto Communities’ director of marketing, had said this of the launch, “We had people lining up as of 1:30 pm the day before the launch and camping overnight”.

As of mid-launch day, they were sold out of the initial 24 homes that were released.

Located off of March Road near Klondike Road and the tech hub at Terry Fox Drive, Morgan’s Creek will boast 60 Infusion Terrace Homes and 60 two-storey town homes. The Infusion Terrace Homes or similar concepts of 2-bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, and balcony living, are becoming increasingly popular, as they are perfect for those looking for a less expensive price point and a more maintenance free lifestyle, ie. First time home buyers and investors! The homes are like condos, but with low monthly fees, covering snow removal, landscape maintenance, and exterior maintenance.

The release date for the next phase of Infusion Terrace Homes and two-storey town homes has not been released yet, but it is expected that one-block of Infusion Terrace Homes will be released the last weekend of April. Closing dates are expected for August and September 2020.

The Re-Launch of Arcadia


This spring, in much anticipation, Minto will re-open its Arcadia community next to the Queensway, Huntmar Drive, and the Carp River. Minto halted selling for the last couple of years, as they wanted the work along the Carp River to be finalized. “The majority of the landscaping work, pathways and public greenspace has been completed along the Carp River corridor, Coulis says. “This will be a beautiful feature for the community for biking, walking, and jogging.” This also will link to a close-to six-acre park that will be part of the next phases of Arcadia, which include, a large play structure, basketball court, soccer pitch, a skating rink, and an open field area to enjoy.


The upcoming phase will include a mixture of rear-lane towns with double-car garages, two-storey town homes, and singles on 30 to 43 feet wide lot sizes. Although, many of the home designs will feature similar designs, it will also include some new designs and concepts, like their Smarter Home automation system, a new program developed in partnership with Enercare. “This is part of our living better approach. Homeowners will be able to control their heating and cooling, and detect water leaks from a single app,” said Coulis.


There is no release date determined yet, however, Minto expects a release of town homes around Mid May depending on the go-ahead from the City, with closing dates in September/October of 2020 and beyond.


For pricing, site plans, floor plans, and other information please visit: Minto Communities


Having a realtor on your side will ensure that you get all of the necessary information and find the best option for all of your needs.

If you are at all interested in new home options, contact us and we can help get you started in the new home buying process!


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