Overnight Chia Oats – Our Current Morning Ritual

If you’re in need of a little breakfast inspo these days, try out Our go-to chia oats recipe — it will keep you satisfied all morning long. This bowl is packed full of nutrients, omega-3 fats, antioxidants and fibre making it the perfect breakfast ritual to start your day!

What You’ll Need:


In a mason jar or bowl, add all dry ingredients & stir, add in banana pieces & PB. Add in water, just enough to get everything wet & smash the banana & mix all together. After mixed, add in more water or your choice of dairy free milk. Add enough so the bowl is a soup like texture. Cover & store in your fridge overnight & enjoy in the morning! We love to add our favourite fruits & finish it off with our favourite toppings.

Toppings We Love:

We hope you love! Xx

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