Our Favourite Beauty Elixir Right Now

Matcha is one of the beauty elixirs in the spotlight right now — and for good reason. Rich in polyphenols and catechins, the antioxidant and nutritional power in matcha is seriously life changing & is super easy to add into your daily routine.

When you sip on your matcha tea, you’re taking in the entire leaf (that has been ground), so you’re receiving 100% of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & caffeine in the tea — better drink up. These antioxidants are naturally occurring chemical compounds that work to heal & repair the body which prevents aging, DNA damage, chronic illness & diseases just to name a few!

Does Matcha Help Aid Weight Loss?

Green tea has been known for enhancing weight loss, studies show that matcha may speed up your metabolism & increase energy which helps with fat burning and maintaining a healthy weight — since matcha aids in repairing cells and organs in the body, it allows our bodies to be more efficient & energized which can aid in maintaining a healthy weight!

How difficult is it to prepare Matcha Tea?

The easiest way to prepare matcha is adding 2 tsp to your tea cup & adding boiled water & whisking with a bamboo whisk. If you prefer a thinner tea, try adding 1 tsp to start — everyone has their own preference.

If you’d rather skip out on the tea but still wanting the benefits, you can add matcha to your baked goods, lattes & smoothies!

Is Matcha a Better Alternative than Coffee?

Matcha will give you that energy boost for your day, minus the jitters and 3pm crash that coffee often brings on. For women especially, matcha may be a better alternative to coffee. If we drink too much coffee & start to feel those anxiety triggering jitters, our cortisol levels start to rise.. and this causes our bodies to go into defence (fight or flight) mode and we actually start to hang onto those stubborn Lbs that linger on our waists — we’re not about it.

If you do have a love affair with coffee (as most of us do!), it’s best to know your limits everyday & try implementign a cup of matcha and see if you notice the difference.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing matcha…

  1. Do your research before purchasing — we recommend purchasing ceremonial grade matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves with all the stems and veins removed to obtain a very smooth flavour and texture in your tea. Feel free to use culinary matcha for your baking & cooking!

Our Fav Matcha Brands:

Do Matcha – Master’s Choice

You can find this brand at Kardish Health Food Centre & Natural Food Pantry at their Kanata, Stittsville, as well as other locations across Ottawa!

David’s Tea – Organic Ceremonial Matcha

You can easily order online or shop at any local David’s Tea Store in Ottawa!



Be mindful when getting your matcha to go.

Definitely hit up a local cafe if you can, chain coffee shops don’t always serve the highest quality matcha & often have pre-sweetened blends and added sugar!

Our Favourite Cafes in Ottawa to Get Matcha Tea & Lattes:

Drip House Cafe – Hintonburg

Morning Owl Coffee House – Kanata

Hot Tip: Ask your barista for an unsweetened matcha latte with your choice of milk & add maple syrup or honey to sweeten yourself. This gives you control over how much sugar you want to intake. Often, you don’t know how much liquid sugar the barista is pumping into your drink!

Meg’s Matcha Latte Recipe:

Our assistant, Meg, is a long time lover of matcha and she’s come up with the perfect recipe for your next latte.


How To:

  1. Add your choice of milk to a pot & bring to a boil, stirring occasionally
  2. Add matcha to your mug, add a little boiling water & stir
  3. Add boiled milk to your mug & stir
  4. Dash of Cinnamon on top to finish!

All done!