Living Room Workouts – Our Favourites Right Now

Working out in our living room is now the new norm, and studios across Ottawa have already adapted by offering online classes & free workouts on YouTube, and we’re here for it. We’ve highlighted a few of our favourites for whatever type of exercise you’re feeling up to — take a peak at what these amazing local & international studios have to offer to help us keep our bodies and minds in check.


Source: @soul.speakyoga

SoulSpeak Yoga: One Time Purchase of $35 will give access to daily Yoga Classes — It feels like you’re right in the studio! 50% of proceeds go to Ottawa Yoga Teachers who are currently out of work at this time.

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Yoga Town: Free access to a collection of online power, flow & yin yoga.


Source: @hotpilates

GET HOT with Shannon Nadj: Workout with LA’s favourite celebrity trainer. Free access to a collection of burning & toning classes.

Melissa Wood Health: Monthly subscription of $9.99 a month & you’ll have access to Pilates Flow, Treadmill Series & Guided meditation — she targets all those tricky spots that help sculpt and lengthen. Perfect for mama’s on the go who need to sneak in a workout during their busy day!

Cardio & HIIT

Source: @greco.littleitaly

Goodlife Fitness Clubs: Since GoodLife has closed its doors, they’ve offered members over 100 virtual fitness classes through their website.

Greco Fitness: 45 Minute HIIT workouts that burn like no other. If you’re looking to burn off some steam after a busy day at your desk, this class is the one.

Orange Theory: Sharing new 30-minute routines each day.


Barry’s Bootcamp: Posting 20-minute total body workouts.

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