Your voice matters; Canada’s voice matters.

If you are a Canadian citizen and age 18 years or older you have the right to vote and the ability to take responsibility in Canada’s present and future. However, it is not only your vote that matters, an educated vote matters too.


There are 6 main political parties in Canada this year:

Liberal: Justin Trudeau (Current Leader since 2013)

Conservative: Andrew Scheer

New Democratic Party: Jagmeet Singh

Bloc Quebecois: Yves-François Blanchet

Green Party: Elizabeth May

People’s Party of Canada: Maxime Bernier


Through a 40-day campaign, it is now the last day to vote for Canada’s new (or existing) leader. There has been a lot of attention to who will be the face of our nation; with much of the media attention concerning Trudeau’s previous “Blackface” incidents and his colourful socks, Singh’s TikTok video, and some of Scheer’s more extreme left wing beliefs, but what is more important than the face of the leader is the party who leads and their plans throughout their leadership.


The direction that our government moves forward with; their policies, cuts, credits, subsidies, funding, and incentives, impact your present and future. So before going into your designated voting station to circle a name you may have seen more in the media, or were told by friends and family to vote for, do your research.


Take a look at the political parties agendas and form an opinion on why you believe your vote is the best choice for you and for Canada.

These are important questions that you need to ask yourself that can impact how much you pay in taxes, if you meet the requirements to buy a house, safety measures, more job opportunities, interest on loans, your environmental footprint, and funding for education/health care/child care services.


Here is a quick summary to view the 6 main political parties policies and promises on pressing issues of interest to help you formulate your best opinion on who to vote for:

6 Political Parties Policies on Main Issues



Not everyone in the wold has the same opportunities that we do; we should feel honoured to have this privilege. Please educate yourself and go cast your vote today. Vote for those that cannot, vote for your present and future, vote for the lives of the Canadians that will one day walk in our shadows, and vote for the better of our planet.


Voting times will close at 9:30 p.m this evening!

If you are not sure where to vote, click on this link and input your postal code:  Where to Vote

Remember to bring your government issues photo identification!

Happy Election Day!

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