At Home: How We’re Making the Most of It

We know the upcoming weeks can often seem daunting, but we’ve been taking this time to really dive into taking care of ourselves & wellbeing — I mean, we have the time now right?!

Here are some things we’ve been doing to help keep ourselves in check while in isolation.

Tip #1: Take Control of Your Environment

This can look like many things depending on the person — whether that’s cleaning, changing up the decor, rearranging your furniture, starting a garden or adding plants to your home, it’s a great way to bring in positive energy & change to your environment.

Tip #2: Get into a Routine

Now, we’re not saying to put yourself through the agony of waking up extra early everyday, but waking up at the same time everyday will do wonders. We find getting up & doing our morning rituals like making coffee & going for a walk before starting our day give us structure, and something to look forward to while staying home. After all, it’s the little things in life right?!

Tip #3: Start Your Day on an Optimistic Note

Whether that be a moment of gratitude, meditation, journalling, or just getting outside, start your day with the positive mindset — come back to that throughout the day & you’ll feel the shift.

We love getting out to see the budding trees & gardens everyday. It’s really amazing to see the change of season & a lovely reminder that good times are ahead.

Tip #4: Make Your Weekends Different

Going for a drive, bike ride, making a fun brunch, baking, or having a curb side visit with family & friends to shake things up on the weekend is a great way to get out & experience something different! It’s helpful to differentiate the work-week & weekends by getting out and taking time for yourself.

Tip #5: Make Time for Movement

Whether you get up & stretch, go for a walk or do a home workout, just making the time for a little movement will help move any stress that’s built up in your body. Setting your alarm as a reminder, or choosing the time you’re going to move & commit to that will help you feel motivated, and you’ll actually anticipate your workouts! It feels good to have a schedule for movement — if you’re working from home it may help you stay focussed on getting your work tasks checked off before it’s time to move!

Tip #6: Be Gentle with Yourself

We know that this is a time where anxiety & stress is high, but remember not to be so hard on yourself — there are days when we all feel defeated, and sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies & minds and allow ourselves to rest and recover.. then we can get back to it! Don’t be too hard on yourself, just take each day at a time.


We hope these tips were helpful & we’d love to know what you’ve been doing during your time at home! Comment below what you’ve been doing to cope with being at home!